The challenge – We wanted to build a website that best defines the company – young, but with a lot of experience in their field. Hard working people but also creative and full of life. So we came up with the strategy of showing more of the people behind the company and work that goes behind the scenes.




Trivento  is a coaching, training and consulting company based in Romania, but they didn’t really had an online presence during these last few years. Their skills evolved, their practices got better and their client were recommandation based only. So, they wanted to showcase not only their good practice, but as well the behind the scenes for their latest projects. Because they’re a really good and cool company, we were happy to bring make their vision become a reality.

What did
we worked on?



Web Design


The Process

First and foremost, we helped them by creating a new visual identity, with the use of a new color palette, of a bright pink and a dark blue. From there, we created a brand new logo, mock-ups for their materials and redesigned the website by simply following a three letter rule of thumb: Work – People – Results.


Final logo

Adding bold, young and vibrant colors.

We chose bright pink signifying approachability, harmony and friendship, and a dark blue, signifying wisdom, trust and loyalty to fully represent the spirit and team of this company.


RGB: 38, 31, 90

HEX: #261F5A

CMYK: 20, 23, 0, 65

French Rose

RGB: 237, 76, 154


CMYK: 0, 63, 33, 7

Embracing the new image.

We created several mock-ups that ranged from simple watermarks and notebooks, to business cards and folders, for internal use and for their clients.


New look.

New feel.


Faster. Better.



The Outcome

From a technical point of view, Trivento saw an improved page speed and performance, which helped them to not only reach out to clients easier, but it was also easier for the clients to reach Trivento. From a business point of view, even though the progress is still ongoing, the future looks bright for this company, with new opportunities arising left and right.

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