Evoluam prin Educatie

The challenge – Building a user-friendly website, while also offering the target audience a change to navigate quickly to their desired information, such as the newest course grid, benefits, FAQs or the registration forms. So we came up with a professional and clean look, with easy access to the information and materials.




Evoluam prin Educatie is a project developed by Trivento for the public administration of Romania. It has been running since 2012 and this division became one of the leading companies in the field of adult training and coaching for the public administration. But in order to facilitate easy access to their information in a short time and have visibility, they required a website which not only would be fast and functional, but also full of information and visually stunning.



The Process

First and foremost, we helped them by creating a new visual identity, with the use of a new color palette, of a bright pink and a dark blue. From there, we created a brand new logo, mock-ups for their materials and redesigned the website by focusing on the things that mattered most to their clients – course grid, benefits of the courses and easy access to new information.


Final logo

Powerful colors for a top training company.

We chose bright pink signifying approachability, harmony and friendship, and a dark blue, signifying wisdom, trust and loyalty to fully represent the spirit and team of this company.


RGB: 38, 31, 90

HEX: #261F5A

CMYK: 20, 23, 0, 65

French Rose

RGB: 237, 76, 154


CMYK: 0, 63, 33, 7

White Smoke

RGB: 241, 241241

HEX: #F1F1F1

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0.05

The perfect mix between professional & user-friendly.

We designed it in a way that the whole information would be visible to the client, easy to access, while also having a professional look, friendly and not stuffed or cluttered.



The Outcome

From a technical point of view, the project saw an improved page speed and performance. From a business point of view, the project and has been ongoing for its 7th year, with it’s peak being 2016, with over 1000 student in over 50 courses, the year we rebranded and relaunched the new website.

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