Creating beautiful and elegant designs in the digital medium is what we do.


What we offer

When it comes to the digital medium many firms prefer flash over functionality and patchy work, while other don’t really care about design and they prioritize just the code and usability. At OneDot we take a different approach when it comes to webdesign and web-development. As with everything, balance is key. 

We find the perfect mix of design and functionality for each of our projects, while our clients are involved in every step of the way. The end results are beautiful and elegant websites,  user-friendly and happy clients.

Our services


Web design

Visual design

Logo & Branding

UI & UX design

Web development

Front end development

WordPress websites

SEO & Optimization

Digital & Graphic


Responsive design

Graphic design

Our process

1. Analyse

We meet with our client and figure out his needs for the project. We also research for many hours to provide quality solutions to our client and set the right strategy for the project.

2. Sketch & Create

We sketch the whole website. Based on the sketch created, we start designing it and provide mock-ups for our client, until we agree on the final design of the website.

3. Develop & Implement

Based on the graphic design, it's time to implement it in the digital medium, while striking the perfect balance between visual design and user interface & experience.

4. Test & Refine

After developing the website, we test for bugs or issues pertaining to responsiveness, optimization, loading speed or any other possible problems. Now, we are ready to launch!

Our mantra

Dedicated to startups and businesses looking for a change.

To be fair, we only had one plan – to make a bunch of cool stuff that impressed people and made them go – “i want this!”. We love playing around with new and exciting technologies and the best part is that we are only getting started and it’s awesome.

Our goal is to help our clients present themselves in the digital medium like they would in real life. If either they are a newly founded startup, ready to impress, or an experienced firm looking for a change or a well needed re-branding, we will that change happen.


Our projects

Whether if you want new designs for products, stunning visuals for your brand or fully responsive website, you’ve stopped at the right place.
Every project we work we approach it in the same manner – actively listening to our clients and working alongside them every step of the process.

Interested? Drop us a line.